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RAJU PUTTA Hace 18 horas
*Best way to cheat in the exam* *Take two phones to exam hall, give one* *to examiner. he believes in you, that's* *when the second phone comes into* *action !😀.*
Bella Waldvogel
Bella Waldvogel Hace 18 horas
who else thinks LeLe is so pretty and rudy is so cute😘🥰
Babu Ram
Babu Ram Hace 18 horas
Don’t worry we are all here to support you and WE LOVE YOU LELE😘
poojaaa xo
poojaaa xo Hace 18 horas
You're incredible, you deserve so much more than anything :') you're a pure definition of idol ❤️🙌🏽
Hailey Spesia
Hailey Spesia Hace 18 horas
I have so much respect for you Lele im proud you had the courage to share your story with the internet
If you see my name your a simp
If you see my name your a simp Hace 18 horas
rudy the best part of this
xxlymedisease Hace 19 horas
I’m gonna point out the elephant in the room. huh?
SaskWorthy 1
SaskWorthy 1 Hace 19 horas
Did no one else notice juice wrld
Gustavo Rojas
Gustavo Rojas Hace 19 horas
Me be like is giving FSU’s
meghan lee
meghan lee Hace 19 horas
youv got the moves girl
Lastman Standing
Lastman Standing Hace 19 horas
Without all these things going on in your life Lele, I wonder if you would still be the beautiful, gifted and wonderful person you are. To have all this happening in your life and still be able to do what you do for all of us is amazing. My respect to you.
Nicole Lagunas
Nicole Lagunas Hace 19 horas
Taylia Smith-Payton
Taylia Smith-Payton Hace 19 horas
I love it when Lele a so a no
gaya girl
gaya girl Hace 19 horas
Legit me 02:31 when someone Hurst my bffs feelings 😂😂
Judy Does No Content
Judy Does No Content Hace 19 horas
Man I wish I could buy all that toilet paper- 1:22
one is my actual name but call me strawberry
one is my actual name but call me strawberry Hace 19 horas
wait did she walk in on him having sex? or just laying down in bed next to a man that was coincidentally naked?
Bãbý B
Bãbý B Hace 19 horas
I also have the same problem
charlotte sanders
charlotte sanders Hace 19 horas
Love you Lele
mary jane muñoz
mary jane muñoz Hace 19 horas
Shes so flexible cause shes sophie dossie im a big fan
Denise Green
Denise Green Hace 20 horas
XxBaby CookiexX
XxBaby CookiexX Hace 20 horas
I dream of this teacher every day- I love how the dude freaking humps the floor and calls it a push-up 😂😂😂🤣
AlphaWolfie Productions
AlphaWolfie Productions Hace 20 horas
Hannah: i FeLl In ThE tOiLEt 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Drarry Shipper
Drarry Shipper Hace 20 horas
oh baby hey it's ok we love you they just don't understand your beautiful just the way you are never forget that
Tatiana Cabero
Tatiana Cabero Hace 20 horas
uf como use el traductor para los co.entarios
d v s i i r o s e
d v s i i r o s e Hace 20 horas
I do feel bad for Lele for her struggle.
gaby hernandez
gaby hernandez Hace 20 horas
😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm sorry lele
çera jade
çera jade Hace 20 horas
I wanna give you a hug
Jen Col
Jen Col Hace 20 horas
egglegs4 team
egglegs4 team Hace 20 horas
Something made me laugth so much was when the game froze and mario and browser wher calm and drinking LAMOOO
Maria Luc Clemes
Maria Luc Clemes Hace 20 horas
upload new vid dumdum
Tonje Karlsen
Tonje Karlsen Hace 20 horas
Huge respect for you Lele! ❤️
Abbigail Correa
Abbigail Correa Hace 20 horas
You are awesome don’t listen to those jerks I love you and your vids there really funny I even have OCD the only one we love you
Eliska Strakova
Eliska Strakova Hace 20 horas
Alyssa Loux
Alyssa Loux Hace 20 horas
You go girl go get em
Casey Howard
Casey Howard Hace 20 horas
Criselda Gonzales
Criselda Gonzales Hace 20 horas
I love your Youtub videos so much keep it up your doing amasing I love you lele ponds by the way I,m a kid and my name is jasmine.
Sapphire Moondust
Sapphire Moondust Hace 20 horas
Bubble’s laughter is freaking hilarious 😂 0:13
Hhff Gghjhf
Hhff Gghjhf Hace 20 horas
jack leach
jack leach Hace 20 horas
I like your videos make a video where peach gets stolen and she is riding a dragon Bowser into a creepy Castle
miraculous chat nior
miraculous chat nior Hace 20 horas
XxPuppy gamerxX
XxPuppy gamerxX Hace 21 un hora
so is anybody Gunna talk about how the girl is a spoiled brat (ik they are acting)
Wasp Paul
Wasp Paul Hace 21 un hora
My opinion will not sway. Making a 25 min feel bad for me ain’t gonna change people’s minds
Mak M
Mak M Hace 21 un hora
Was lele really naked,
Yahya Zouine
Yahya Zouine Hace 21 un hora
The victim card
Sherlyn Gonzalez
Sherlyn Gonzalez Hace 21 un hora
Vicente Garcia
Vicente Garcia Hace 21 un hora
Hahahahahahaha so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹
Nevaeh Mcbeth
Nevaeh Mcbeth Hace 21 un hora
Blakleigh Southern
Blakleigh Southern Hace 21 un hora
Lele is like the funniest person and she is so sweet😉
Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson Hace 21 un hora
I ytgot this wasok for my kids thwaa are all to agreseve
coolgletter Playz
coolgletter Playz Hace 21 un hora
/um, does she really have OCD? or was this just an joke, so you can learn more
bujuy juy
bujuy juy Hace 21 un hora
Love you LELE
NCTzensforever !
NCTzensforever ! Hace 21 un hora
Hahaha when the officer said she the devil! That got me so bad, I am getting a laugh attack🤣🤣🤣
NCTzensforever !
NCTzensforever ! Hace 21 un hora
Buttercup- u be my mother ****** I’ll be ur mother ******! Officer- ok Buttercup in head- b*tch u blame me I will blow ur head of!!!😡😡 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😂
NCTzensforever !
NCTzensforever ! Hace 21 un hora
Buttercup- u be my mother ****** I’ll be ur mother ******! Officer- ok Buttercup in head- b*tch u blame me I will blow ur head of!!!😡😡
Logan Booth
Logan Booth Hace 21 un hora
Olivia Ban
Olivia Ban Hace 21 un hora
This proves we can't judge someone by how they appear i did think you had the perfect life by your ESstream channel guess we all have our flaws i have flaws but it is the imperfections that bring us stronger we got you Lele
Yuka Ban
Yuka Ban Hace 21 un hora
I also have ocd
vintage love
vintage love Hace 21 un hora
Never heard of this person. Just randomly came across this, but I think she is AWESOME for opening the door to her private life and shedding light on mental health. Thank you!
Alma Sandoval
Alma Sandoval Hace 21 un hora
So proud of you Lele <3 it's a huge deal to share personal experiences and secrets with the world but it's so inspiring and powerful for myself and others around. Just to see that there is so much effort put into work and no life is perfect, wishing you the best and keep shining!
Adrienne Jacobson
Adrienne Jacobson Hace 21 un hora
i don’t understand any of the words but the video is very entertaining
Zach Ibrahim
Zach Ibrahim Hace 21 un hora
SO conceited that she wrote all of that and made the kids say she is pretty
Poop Legend LD
Poop Legend LD Hace 21 un hora
I call bs
Yahya Zouine
Yahya Zouine Hace 21 un hora
Samihya Jackson-Brooks
Samihya Jackson-Brooks Hace 21 un hora
Who else is watch Lele Pons in Covid-19
Wilber Nuñes
Wilber Nuñes Hace 21 un hora
Ya lele
Nevaeh Mcbeth
Nevaeh Mcbeth Hace 21 un hora
YOU ARE BUSTED! Hace 21 un hora
shut up lele pons
Rose Al Qaisi
Rose Al Qaisi Hace 21 un hora
Love this video. support you at all costs. BUT. i say this with no disrespect. IS HER DAD SINGLE
DaUnknown Witch
DaUnknown Witch Hace 22 horas
Hello amazing person scrolling down the comments, have a nice day! 😊
Gabrielle Hace 22 horas
Thank you so much for sharing this. It really opens up people eyes. Sending all the love in the world ❤️