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Danijela Jegdić
Danijela Jegdić Hace 9 horas
I love when she talk like that
Ann Joseph
Ann Joseph Hace 12 horas
The number of views in this video...
Sara Risom robox
Sara Risom robox Hace 14 horas
If I was you I would buy everything like literally I’ll buy anything from your store I’ll even buy the whole store if you need a store like literally I’ll just buy the whole outfit and make up
Cookie Gaming YT🍪
Cookie Gaming YT🍪 Hace 15 horas
“Despacito, You can be your own radio” IM DEAD
Mea Medina
Mea Medina Hace 20 horas
Lele voice in this is she lighter
1_that3 Hace un día
0:33 did she say miss philippine?
Zipora Napoleon 18011248
Zipora Napoleon 18011248 Hace un día
Calvin Victorino
Calvin Victorino Hace un día
She blackmailed-
Ndumiso Makhanya
Ndumiso Makhanya Hace 2 días
Is it just me or is Lele just so beautiful even without makeup
Sharky 5.0
Sharky 5.0 Hace 2 días
Her normal voice in the end 🤣🤣🤣
{ `Poker Kitten ` }
{ `Poker Kitten ` } Hace 3 días
The end really got me XD
출연필드yt Epiphany
출연필드yt Epiphany Hace 3 días
Rest In Peace Jasena Odell 1:39 & Natalie Odell 1:56 ❤👏
Florentino Sausal
Florentino Sausal Hace 3 días
I like the scooter kemrshal
Maliyah Galindo
Maliyah Galindo Hace 3 días
Hey can plz give the poses to me plz????????????? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Diya Gupta
Diya Gupta Hace 4 días
Boss:There's no easy way to say this- Lele:Shut the f*ck up 🤣🤣😂😂
les TOT
les TOT Hace 4 días
0:33 did she mentioned Philippine?
Aleida Cortez
Aleida Cortez Hace 5 días
Jenny Carbo
Jenny Carbo Hace 5 días
Thank you lele I got hurt and got in jail for 7 years thank you
iamMidnightDreamertwo Dreamer
iamMidnightDreamertwo Dreamer Hace 6 días
Boss:There is no easy way to say this but lele Lele: Shut the **** up Boss:Excuse me! Lele:continue Boss: Your fired Lele:no im not That got me dead😂😂😂😂lol Then she said you have been wearing the same outfit for five years😂😂😂😂
peanut and Punn's YouTube palace place
peanut and Punn's YouTube palace place Hace 8 días
Blue Crush
Blue Crush Hace 8 días
2020 gang where you at~○.●
kayla Queen
kayla Queen Hace 12 días
Boss : Lele there is not easy way to say this but - Lele : Shut the fuck up
hum gamer
hum gamer Hace 12 días
Lele is funny and also gorgeous
Nalinka Fernando
Nalinka Fernando Hace 13 días
Good news to me and my wife in the past that is not so great as it has to make me happy with her work as well but we don't need her for her life but it has a good time for me but 8PM and her parents and my children and the rest ..
Gacha Venus Ùwú
Gacha Venus Ùwú Hace 13 días
Despacito You can be your own radio!!!
Simona Zivak
Simona Zivak Hace 14 días
What was with lele’s voice.
Roi Roi
Roi Roi Hace 14 días
I really like the end haha😂
Lamija_ Devil G
Lamija_ Devil G Hace 14 días
I have a scooter 😊 not the same but its scooter
xSimplyxZxdiacx Hace 15 días
Lele: *Looks at the stairs with a scooter* Lele: *takes a moment of silence* Lele's mind: “I'm not dying today”
SavageWolf XD20
SavageWolf XD20 Hace 15 días
You are so talented and funny!
CocoBean Gacha :3
CocoBean Gacha :3 Hace 15 días
This was 2 hours ago-
Merlyn caywood
Merlyn caywood Hace 15 días
Des by seto. You can be your own radio LOL I'm dying!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😃😄
The scooter one is the best one
Veena Namuduri
Veena Namuduri Hace 16 días
4:44...... the one time she speaks clearly...........*sigh*
Nacéra BIYI--ESBEN Hace 17 días
Love so much this Britney Spears voice
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez Hace 18 días
If you watch the family project than you know lele`s models were Hymns sisters
Naiely Mendosa
Naiely Mendosa Hace 18 días
The scooter remembers me when I fall from the second flor when I tink I can flay when I was 6
clarkbrandon sibay
clarkbrandon sibay Hace 19 días
you can use a fork this reminds me of little mermaid
Sanithu Samaranayaka
Sanithu Samaranayaka Hace 20 días
Lele's inner Gonzales is coming out.
Kasandra Ponce
Kasandra Ponce Hace 20 días
I love when you made that voice it funny 😂
Crystal Awesome
Crystal Awesome Hace 21 un día
Shade Hace 21 un día
did she say ms philippine????!
piggy animations ÙwÚ
piggy animations ÙwÚ Hace 22 días
Ill save my job like this oh and by the way ima kid
Joshua Rampersad
Joshua Rampersad Hace 22 días
*You gotta put it in the hole but be gentle mhmhmh*
The Fun Family
The Fun Family Hace 22 días
3:56 XD I CAN'T
FallerChris Hace 22 días
I don’t find this funny. I find this boring well only kids will like these type of. Video she makes
Blessing Isokpan
Blessing Isokpan Hace 22 días
This is the best way
i dropped my chicken
i dropped my chicken Hace 23 días
I’d buy the scooter.
Julyan Chicon
Julyan Chicon Hace 23 días
Miss Philippine😂😂
avah Gomez
avah Gomez Hace 23 días
My real name is lele
That Rice Lover
That Rice Lover Hace 24 días
i love this video! 📹 lmao
Queen Varmall
Queen Varmall Hace 24 días
Ruby Erana
Ruby Erana Hace 24 días
Look how pretty it looks Look how ridiculous she looks,ok great Im dying😂🤣 2020 still watching thiss💕
Taetae Maknae
Taetae Maknae Hace 24 días
Boxes are the great commercial
Joshua Mattel
Joshua Mattel Hace 25 días
Best comedian in the World
Roblox Fruity
Roblox Fruity Hace 26 días
It was a very important call! “My dog walker stepped on GUM” XD
Panda Lol
Panda Lol Hace 26 días
“U r fired.” Lele: “no I’m not U^U”
Anime weeb
Anime weeb Hace 26 días
That scooter scene "*WoOOoH*"
Scarlett Hall
Scarlett Hall Hace 27 días
I actually tried this and it didn;'t workk
•M i ł k_C ø ø k i e s•
•M i ł k_C ø ø k i e s• Hace 28 días
*Plot Twist*
Sheng Howe WONG
Sheng Howe WONG Hace 28 días
lele: stabs her with kitchen knife. Me: is she actuallly in hospital?
olivia the legend
olivia the legend Hace 29 días
she’s actually pretty funny sometimes
Najat Alnuaimi
Najat Alnuaimi Hace un mes
Is it only me but I really liked and loved the scoter commercial sooooooo much
Amy Mizzi
Amy Mizzi Hace un mes
Hello fellow human who is watching this 2 years later :)
Sophia liv
Sophia liv Hace un mes
umm a fork works as a brush
Lauren 120}{
Lauren 120}{ Hace un mes
ii pixie
ii pixie Hace un mes
“You cut it like a cucumber.” 😂
Javad Keikha
Javad Keikha Hace un mes
3:13 I love you smells 👃
Ramiro Otero-Alambillaga
Ramiro Otero-Alambillaga Hace un mes
Sulayman Jagne
Sulayman Jagne Hace un mes
Jasena Natalie
Mary Jane Reed
Mary Jane Reed Hace un mes
My mom is Philippineo
fozia atif
fozia atif Hace 27 días
Well done
Sophia Benitez
Sophia Benitez Hace un mes
Who else thought that the last one was good 🛴
Adriana Rosales
Adriana Rosales Hace un mes
She is ceting on her voy frend
Isabella Ramirez
Isabella Ramirez Hace un mes
A bib all of this but a whent to the hospital and my hull botty brawk😥 it rilly hurt but the Las wun is ko😶
Niamh Sophia
Niamh Sophia Hace un mes
You make me laugh every day 💛love you lele
Diana Kate Dayag
Diana Kate Dayag Hace un mes
More videosPlease
Kendra Allegra Gile
Kendra Allegra Gile Hace un mes
I just notice that she said MS.philipines
reegan Duffy
reegan Duffy Hace un mes
How does she use that voice
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Hace un mes
Love you lele # BIG FAN
Rado Montana
Rado Montana Hace un mes
4:47 Lele take that picture as tumbnail ESstream in this video before watch this video and lol 😆
Family Of Gacha
Family Of Gacha Hace un mes
She did
Ley Jazzie Alicaway
Ley Jazzie Alicaway Hace un mes
Lele:Okay you know what Ms. Phillippine
Monika Gevorgyan
Monika Gevorgyan Hace un mes
Me too 😂