The Secret Life Of Lele Pons (Official Trailer)

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Lele Pons

Lele Pons

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The Secret Life Of Lele Pons, a new documentary series premieres May 19.
The documentary stories Lele Pons journey from social misfit to social media Queen and now global entertainer while showing her everyday struggles with mental health from an early age to her present life. Known for her unfiltered videos, candid humor and crazy stunts, Lele’s storytelling arch takes a more serious tone as she opens up to the world about living with her deepest secret. Through access to private moments, emotional interviews and never seen before footage, Lele reveals her life long struggle with OCD & Tourettes among other mental health conditions and doesn’t shy away from the most intimate details of her battle. Watch the full trailer now.

Polette Olivares
Polette Olivares Hace 18 horas
Just be yourself
AlphaWildWolf 123
AlphaWildWolf 123 Hace un día
We are all here to support you Lele❤️❤️❤️
Camila Figueroa
Camila Figueroa Hace un día
Priyush Varsani
Priyush Varsani Hace 2 días
I feel you lele i am stressed 😩 out of my mind
Susana Bravo
Susana Bravo Hace 3 días
fortnite noob
fortnite noob Hace 3 días
Lele is amazing her parents and everyone loves her she is a blessing to the world
ViperJuice Hace 5 días
Are u gonna start being one of those girls that were perfectly normal and now want sympathy from other people out of nowhere and make yourself look sad
Oanh Trần
Oanh Trần Hace 5 días
Aileen Escoto
Aileen Escoto Hace 5 días
I hope you feel better, i have the worst ocd So wish you lick 😀 Hope My ocd heal
Yaya.gacha. uvu
Yaya.gacha. uvu Hace 5 días
Wait your describing something I had when I was younger I had to do things like tap touch do things or something would happen its like a whole scenario of what would happen would go on in my head
Joshua Hagan
Joshua Hagan Hace 5 días
I didn’t know she was Venezuelan lol
Playful GB
Playful GB Hace 5 días
It happens to me to! my mind commands me or else it will say stuff about my family
blue berry
blue berry Hace 5 días
yea man i know it must be hard having a net worth of $12 million man living in a mansion and having a set for skits and having a music crew and being able to do literally anything and still get highlighted by youtube. "come on guys we can do this together!" yea we can do this lemme just sit in my jaccuzi and make toilet humor and getting millions in the process.
Kimberlikimchi Coral
Kimberlikimchi Coral Hace 6 días
It makes me feel sad SO sad I cried actually I didn’t know this but it’s so bad that people who are like famous or ANYTHING they could suffer a lot !
Alex Olvera
Alex Olvera Hace 6 días
She Says She Does Not Have The Perfect Life, But If You Ask Her If She Prefers Her Lifestyle As It Is NOW, Or One Where She Is Not Famous Or Rich, And Worked A More Average Ordinary Job, I Pretty Much Guarantee You She Would Pick Her Current Lifestyle. She Picked It.
Khloe Ulery Reaction & Vlogs
Khloe Ulery Reaction & Vlogs Hace 6 días
ily 💝💘💞💖💗
Kids Fattening Center
Kids Fattening Center Hace 7 días
Oh Lele u poor girl
Bigbuttyjuty Hace 7 días
Omg OCD that is the worst stfu I'm gay and retarded
Matt Ferrara
Matt Ferrara Hace 7 días
Your deepest darkest secret is that you can come out on top
Adominus prime The last of them all
Adominus prime The last of them all Hace 7 días
Hey lele you are your best person
Boula Gaber
Boula Gaber Hace 9 días
Stay safe lele and everyone I am scared for you guys pls stay safe and pray so that the virus is gone
HappyChicken254 Hace 9 días
Guess what? I offically don't give a damn!
Noname Hace un día
Only people with common sense don't give a damn. Like you and me.
anglixruby msp!
anglixruby msp! Hace 6 días
Then don't
Dilara Halil
Dilara Halil Hace 9 días
i have ocd and like i know how it feels lele and its like. I cant sleep like its like i need to watch tv to sleep
Susannah Younan
Susannah Younan Hace 7 días
Stay strong
Sarah Frost
Sarah Frost Hace 9 días
Poor lele
Bianca Urbano
Bianca Urbano Hace 9 días
ii Dani&Stitch ii
ii Dani&Stitch ii Hace 9 días
so today i realized... i dont have anxiety i have ocd. i do every thing she just did in that one clip..
Teodora Tomescu
Teodora Tomescu Hace 10 días
Lojain Ontong
Lojain Ontong Hace 11 días
Lele do'nt cry lele we love you im prod for you
wut wut
wut wut Hace 11 días
Lele pons i know that you will be ok
Mohammad Naveed
Mohammad Naveed Hace 12 días
So proud of you lele
Richard Timbreza
Richard Timbreza Hace 12 días
I can't stay home....I have to go to the store for food in public with lots of people and it is alot of people at stores to buy food supplies and so forth........
gachacookie girl
gachacookie girl Hace 12 días
Hey it's okay please I'm going to cry
Noname Hace un día
This comment made me lose hope in humanity.
Ty Chaney
Ty Chaney Hace 11 días
Shut up
D MG Hace 12 días
*Los artistas no dejan de ser humanos* Si, pero no mames, mejor que haga un docu de cómo "su Venezuela" está bien jodido, o de gente que tiene pedos muy cabrones. YO TENGO TOC, y si, es difícil pero tampoco es "un secreto en mi vida". Súper mamadora esta tipeja.
vungsan ching
vungsan ching Hace 12 días
Awww i am soo sorry lele that u have to go through all this its sad but dont worry we still love you Plss stay strong for us love you Stay home, Stay safe love 👉💖😇
Leandre Peyper
Leandre Peyper Hace 12 días
I am very sorry Lele because you have ocd
Joel Zavala Jr.
Joel Zavala Jr. Hace 12 días
This isn’t a insult just being genuine, is she being real or just making a joke?
Lydia Morales
Lydia Morales Hace 12 días
I know it's difficult for you to share but I thank you.. I've been living with OCD and PTSD for so long..
Hi8907 Hace 12 días
When this series was so shit that all the episodes were free 🤣
Ty Chaney
Ty Chaney Hace 11 días
Hi8907 lol
Micky May
Micky May Hace 13 días
I feel so bad for her.... Ó╭╮Ò I dident even know shs has Ocd :( im litterly sad when she cries
Aj Enrile
Aj Enrile Hace 13 días
What is OCD?
Xchocolocogachaxx :3
Xchocolocogachaxx :3 Hace 13 días
Lele is so talented do you has OCD and it still going on dancing singing she’s so strong
Ty Chaney
Ty Chaney Hace 11 días
charalampidouu Hace 14 días
Lele I'm so sorry about, your ODC. I know you feel really bad and sad, we feel you girl and we will always be there for you, anytime. I felt really.. really bad for you, i almost cry because i know how it's like to be different, it's not something easy, unfortunately it's hard and painful. We love you Lele, we want to see you smiling and living a happy life, it make us happy too :) Yours, Christina.
Ali The pin pin
Ali The pin pin Hace 14 días
Lele your amazing you need to be happy all these hateful comments are because they want you to feel bad
Analy Figueroa
Analy Figueroa Hace 14 días
It hurts to see my idol have this life 💔💔💔I love you Lele Pons Stay 💪 strong 💪 REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗
abdallahsg Hace 15 días
Thank god the greatest for everything
Dude Hace 15 días
My brother has a (type?) of ocd where he literally just needs to keep EVERYTHING. Like he will finish a candy bar and keep the wrapper for days upon days until someone has to practically wrestle it away from him
Steamy Fierce
Steamy Fierce Hace 17 días
I never knew She had OCD nooo
grigoritsz Hace 17 días
моя булочка, мы с тобой😓💗🐾
Antonia Molnar
Antonia Molnar Hace 17 días
I have ocd too
Sally Kasper
Sally Kasper Hace 17 días
I enjoyed watching you now because I can see the other side of you. She looks so beautiful and so perfect 👌
michael litt
michael litt Hace 17 días
I feel so bad like this comment if you feel bad to
Skeleton Entertainment
Skeleton Entertainment Hace 18 días
How come everyone in this comment section has OCD?
• Delirium •
• Delirium • Hace 12 días
Literally everyone has a mental disorder these days.
Gracey_ glamour
Gracey_ glamour Hace 18 días
Dang I always miss the live chats
nightskycyanide Hace 18 días
99% of comments: triggered people flaunting their OCD
Maya emile
Maya emile Hace 18 días
It broke my heart I never thought of that of Lele I was shook by the 5 seconds of the video
Jaslene Garcia
Jaslene Garcia Hace 18 días
Doesn't she have a daughter
Kavya Kumar
Kavya Kumar Hace 19 días
Guys it's not just Lele or any other specific person, be kind to everyone even if you know nothing about them or everything about them. Just be kind.
Noroz Nayebi
Noroz Nayebi Hace 19 días
I love you an I hope you feel better ❤️❤️❤️
Daniela Rodriguez
Daniela Rodriguez Hace 19 días
You are so strong and inspirational. Keep going and never give up! ❤️
Megan Hershfield
Megan Hershfield Hace 19 días
Lele oh my god you ok
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams Hace 19 días
I love you
نجمة المشاهير
نجمة المشاهير Hace 19 días
Naomi Martinez
Naomi Martinez Hace 19 días
Kennedy Boulden
Kennedy Boulden Hace 19 días
She has ocd?!
Ty Chaney
Ty Chaney Hace 11 días
Kennedy Boulden
Kennedy Boulden Hace 17 días
I never notice I’m sorry lele :(
TikTokzz and the girl_Vlogs
TikTokzz and the girl_Vlogs Hace 19 días
Well i still love you lele
henchman99 Hace 19 días
Lele Pons is adding emotions to her channel. 2020 is defo bringing shit to yt
Joey Bling
Joey Bling Hace 19 días
0:16 Emmy Worthy!
Danika H
Danika H Hace 19 días
I feel you, I literally have the same stuff, I feel like if i dont do something a certain way I'm gonna regret it and im gonna remember it for the rest of my life..... To anybody out there with OCD, You will never be alone
mona mona
mona mona Hace 20 días
IwatchYouTube Hace 20 días
Acting 100
Omer Zalman
Omer Zalman Hace 20 días
OCD is over compulsive disorder
Carlene Smith
Carlene Smith Hace 20 días
😭😭 take care of your self
Simple-pinoytv Hace 20 días
Lele is the best for me still she have a beautiful heart in and out godbless to you.
Vera brooks
Vera brooks Hace 20 días
Lele, you’re so funny do a new video
janete lopez
janete lopez Hace 21 un día
When I saw this I pray for lele and her family to be safe
Henri Powe
Henri Powe Hace 21 un día
We love you Lele be strong
Gachastar Socoolbiggestfannn
Gachastar Socoolbiggestfannn Hace 21 un día
Its ok were all with you we love you
layka Mills
layka Mills Hace 21 un día
Oh I'm so sorry I wish I could help you because you are like my idol Literally I love you so much your amazing! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Harry Robson
Harry Robson Hace 21 un día
because everyone wants to know how hard the rich, successful, popular and mildly attractive famous women’s life really is.
Melissa Luffy
Melissa Luffy Hace 21 un día