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Mufaro Nyabereka
Mufaro Nyabereka Hace un hora
Twan just completed the video😂😂😂
Begum Rahima
Begum Rahima Hace 4 horas
Leah Holland
Leah Holland Hace 8 horas
Lele pons I like your songs
jayzz Is the best
jayzz Is the best Hace 21 un hora
Twins scream I’m gonna set as my alarm
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Hace un día
F you do you bonds
frankie payne
frankie payne Hace un día
At 0:52 Teacher: hands me a test Me : nah I'm OK Teacher: slams it down on my desk Me:ugh are you kidding me 😂
Evan Vuong
Evan Vuong Hace un día
How is adam even in this grade
Luna ASMR Hace 2 días
The only sane person here is the teacher 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zarina Bonsu
Zarina Bonsu Hace 3 días
You know this is no spear just so you know it's something different you know not whatever
Anaisha Lawrence
Anaisha Lawrence Hace 3 días
Lele pons Lele pons Lele pons Lele pons lele pons lele pons
James O
James O Hace 4 días
1:50 my family looked at me I was So embarrassed 😂😂🤣😥
ibrahim adzini
ibrahim adzini Hace 4 días
I am the 287.000th person who liked the vid omg
Deformed Alien
Deformed Alien Hace 4 días
2:04 when my dad pulls open the blinds when I’m sleeping
1v1. LoL Master
1v1. LoL Master Hace 5 días
Love you video
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX Hace 5 días
Ik this vid😂😂
I battlingbloom80 I
I battlingbloom80 I Hace 5 días
1:51 best scream ever
Nick Ng
Nick Ng Hace 5 días
greyson greyson greyson greyson greyson
Nick Ng
Nick Ng Hace 5 días
Samantha Charles
Samantha Charles Hace 5 días
1:49 when twan screams
Samantha Charles
Samantha Charles Hace 5 días
Its not the end of the world actually It might be 3:18
Samantha Charles
Samantha Charles Hace 5 días
What shape is the earth 2:39
Samantha Charles
Samantha Charles Hace 5 días
When I wake up 2:00
Mia Regalado
Mia Regalado Hace 6 días
Areza Gashi
Areza Gashi Hace 6 días
Lele pons always make the best videos
The Secret Doodler
The Secret Doodler Hace 6 días
3:17 everyone’s faces when that one student reminds the teacher about the homework we all never did
Big Životinja
Big Životinja Hace 6 días
3:02 look at Twans face. Hahahahahahaha
Khloe Ulery Reaction & Vlogs
Khloe Ulery Reaction & Vlogs Hace 6 días
One way how to not take a test Call in sick so you dont have to and eat A LOT of ice cream the night before and if you want to actually get sick if one of your family members is sick just tell them the cough on you (it did not work for me bc I never get sick) or you can just not eat and get in a hot car That feeling does not feel good
maria designs
maria designs Hace 7 días
Was that a real school
pastels ク宴卸
pastels ク宴卸 Hace 7 días
*In the middle of the night and you check your Phone* 2:04
Kojo Some
Kojo Some Hace 8 días
Hi Lili I love you videos hey your name is Layla
Kojo Some
Kojo Some Hace 8 días
I love your videos I always watch them they're the best I've ever seen I've seen better
Jayden Adams
Jayden Adams Hace 8 días
I now her
Lucas Manning
Lucas Manning Hace 8 días
Teacher: I'm teaching you commitment, no erasing. Also teacher: Hands them erasable pens. Me: really?
Lissette Quinonez
Lissette Quinonez Hace 8 días
It’s easy to beer the earth is a sphere of course everyone knows that my mommy everyone knows that a spear is the earth
Brandon Laubshire
Brandon Laubshire Hace 8 días
At 1:51 I died Laughing 😂😂😅😅
XxNinja PlayZ
XxNinja PlayZ Hace 9 días
1:51 The way he scream
Angelecx Satorre
Angelecx Satorre Hace 9 días
I almoat died laughing when twan sreamed
Ember Edits
Ember Edits Hace 9 días
Is this acting class?
Stuti !!09
Stuti !!09 Hace 9 días
Adamw 🤣😂❤️
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz Hace 9 días
You are the beat Lala! I love your video’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙂😁😃😄
QueenLemon Hace 10 días
“I lOvE pEnS *nervous laugh” Me:same bro same
ameena dindyal
ameena dindyal Hace 10 días
The shape of the earth is a circle
Tamara Stewart
Tamara Stewart Hace 10 días
Children : haa i am afraid of the dark Me they are like vampires
Yo Kai Watch & jewel pet AMVS
Yo Kai Watch & jewel pet AMVS Hace 11 días
Now that’s wut ya call a *smart* teacher :
Mia Edwards
Mia Edwards Hace 12 días
Your videos are amazing Lela
Lølį _UwU
Lølį _UwU Hace 12 días
De'Ansa Morgan
De'Ansa Morgan Hace 14 días
I lay lay
Cora Smith
Cora Smith Hace 14 días
SHIVAM DUBEY Hace 14 días
Earth is flat adam
Stephanie Hicks
Stephanie Hicks Hace 14 días
When the teacher said "And let their be light" was so funny
Phcxbe Astriid
Phcxbe Astriid Hace 14 días
Me at the first day of school: 1:51
Alex Boi
Alex Boi Hace 15 días
Over and over
Alex Boi
Alex Boi Hace 15 días
Lollll everyday I watch dis lol
XtremeGamer3005 Hace 15 días
When the teacher opens the window They all act like vampires😂 Or like characters in birdbox😆
egert nemvalts
egert nemvalts Hace 15 días
Adam is flat earther
jasdeep kaur
jasdeep kaur Hace 15 días
Jujhar. Singh 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Karyme Armijo
Karyme Armijo Hace 17 días
Good thing I don’t miss a nothing added maybe he say to people rude I am really sorry I love you see you how are you feeling I’m with your grandma Adam
2029 Brianett Infante Ramirez
2029 Brianett Infante Ramirez Hace 18 días
Lamija_ Devil G
Lamija_ Devil G Hace 20 días
Jusz say :your not my mom' And dont take a test,is it that hard
dimand Samuels
dimand Samuels Hace 20 días
Twan bad mon 😂
David Rivera
David Rivera Hace 20 días
Adam’s stupid
Carter White
Carter White Hace 20 días
Jose Jaime
Jose Jaime Hace 21 un día
Twan srims like a girl😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Arianny Ornelas
Arianny Ornelas Hace 22 días
Adam come on up
xotic toxin
xotic toxin Hace 22 días
Lele pons vs Hannah stocking Rudy Mancuso vs Juanma zurita Anwar jibawi vs Adam
Abby Krause
Abby Krause Hace 22 días
Everyone: talks about twan Me:idk what to comment 😐🤣 So I do this 😎
roselyn lozada
roselyn lozada Hace 22 días
I only like the girls
Alyssa Mitchell
Alyssa Mitchell Hace 22 días
I laugh so hard omg when he screamed 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Merline Smith
Merline Smith Hace 23 días
Vibes For life
Vibes For life Hace 23 días
Twan: I am afraid of the dark AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jonzel Balberona
Jonzel Balberona Hace 24 días
The videos are always amazing when Adam is in it😂
Good Karma
Good Karma Hace 25 días
Wait if adam is so dumb to answer if the earth is round how'd he get to that grade?¿
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano Hace 25 días
Oh my
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano Hace 25 días
Sorry 😐
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano
Bailey De La Rosa Ruano Hace 25 días
Owner of a big party of a big winner for a long day of jer I wanna is a life day for a good day and I love and I love it and I’m glad you did and it is a great day for you I wanna is a life of a big day for you I wanna is a good time to be in the
James Davis
James Davis Hace 25 días
Ruby Erana
Ruby Erana Hace 25 días
Boy:hey teacher? We dont have any pencil Lele:*throws pencil* 🤣😂
Sweetener Map Of Soul
Sweetener Map Of Soul Hace 25 días
I got a question. If there was a fire what happend
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki Hace 25 días
Twans scream tho XD
Maria Lauritsen
Maria Lauritsen Hace 26 días
Adam was trying to fett in when he sad the same AS lele pons
Maryam-Bint-Ikhtesad MANNAN 2026
Maryam-Bint-Ikhtesad MANNAN 2026 Hace 26 días
0:51 I'm OK thnx XD I'm dead
Thomas Dankert
Thomas Dankert Hace 26 días
Sabrina Gabaud
Sabrina Gabaud Hace 27 días
Klmom lmm
Alyna Rojas
Alyna Rojas Hace 27 días
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